Mrs Sunita Rani

Mrs Sunita Rani

Name: Mrs Sunita Rani
Age: 31 / Female
Address: 61 Araya Nagar, Gulab Devi Road, Jalandhar City
Phone: +91 9256271705
Education: Middle
Regn No. 676/799
Dr Incharge: Dr Sanjeev Sood

This patient visited the OPD of Panchakarma Department of Dayanand Ayurvedic College & Hospital on 8th September, 2008 (OPD no. 676/799) with the history of paralysis attack on 4th February, 2008 early morning. She experienced sudden loss of movement on right side of her body. She noticed that her face also got deviated towards the left side. She was unable to speak properly. On admitting to a nearby hospital she was diagnosed of Stroke. She was admitted in hospital for three weeks; she had a fifty percent improvement in the movements of her limbs and face in earlier 12 days. For half of left neurological deficit she tried many types of treatments and physiotherapy but it was not responding to any treatment and was standstill like the same.
On 8th September, 2008 she was admitted in the Dayanand Ayurvedic College & Hospital with the residual neurological deficit. She was having 50 percent diminished movements and strength of right upper and lower limb, she was limping a lot on walking. Her face was still having the remarkable effect of stroke and she was dribbling the liquids from the side of her mouth, right eyelid was not properly closing.

Investigations: Patient had got her CT scan done just after the stroke, according to CT Scan Head there was a hypo dense lesion in left basal ganglia.

Inference: A non haemorrhagic infarct in left basal ganglia.

Management: Therapeutic dose of Bala, Ashwagandha & Rasna powder was given thrice in a day. Abhyang, Nadi Swed, Matra-vasti of Ksheer Bala tail was given for 15 days. Shirodhara with Bala tail was also done for equal number of days.

Outcome: After fifteen days of treatment patient was having tremendous improvement, she was walking without limping, there was no weakness in upper & lower limbs, slurring of speech was totally cleared, dribbling of liquid from the mouth absent. Eyelids were closing properly, therapies of Panchakarma were continued for one more week and she was all hale and hearty.

Note: No other treatment was given along with above mentioned management.