Case Reports


Dimple StatingDimple Sharma Boston: Nasal & Respiratory Allergy
I was recommended for Vaman by Dr Sood, After Vaman I got long lasting relief in my problem of Allergy & now I can breath really well.

Vishwamitar StatingVishwamitar Jalandhar, India: Asthma Cured
I was suffering from asthma and acidity from childhood & was dependent of steroids, after Vaman & Virechan now I have no acidity and got tremendous relief in Asthma. And taking no steroids.

Neelam StatingNeelam Malhotra Jalandhar, India: Arthritis Cured
I am a central Government employee and because of Rheumatoid Arthritis I was even unable to walk and was about to leave the job, After the treatment from Dr. Sood I am more than 80% free from disease, now I can walk, move on stairs and going on my job. I strongly recommend this treatment to all the patients of Arthritis.