Book on Panchkarma

First Practical Note Book on Panchkarma

Panchkarma PracticalPanchkarma is a unique therapy within the larger fold of Ayurveda. It is a series of procedures meticulously designed to eradicate vitiated Doshas from the body and thereby expel the root cause of the disease.
However Panchkarma being a highly tough and technical clinical therapy both from the point of view of physicians and patients, it has remained comparatively less in usage, over the past so many years.

But for the past some time increased consciousness toward health coupled with realizations about the limitations of other popular therapies,

It has started a regaining acceptance due to the efforts of enterprising Ayurvedic Physicians and has started getting recognition world over.Rejuvenation, maintenance of health & cure of the ailments are three mainstays of Panchkarma. In our Department of Panchkarma we are mainly focusing on later part i.e. cure of chronic ailments with the purposes to collect and compile data for scientific establishment of Panchkarma and to produce quality Panchkarma physicians with practical exposure. Keeping these twin purposes in focus this practical notebook of Panchkarma is conceived.